Use of Dell Backup and Recovery
What is the Use of Dell Backup and Recovery?

When you buy a Dell laptop, it means you got a system that has software programs and settings to run the computing task and other activities. Hardware and software all runs smoothly but unexpected errors of system crash can damage software, corrupt files and destroy your data. And there are many things which cannot recover even with the help of Dell technical support service by dial 1-877-217-7933.

In order to avoid such conditions, you can create a backup using “Dell Backup and Recovery” application in your laptop and restore operating system and important software. Below check what you can do using Dell Backup and Recovery service, and how you can recover data.

What is the Use of Dell Backup and Recovery

Available in Basic and Premium Versions

The Dell backup and recovery applications are available in two versions one free basic version and another premium paid version. The premium version allows getting free cloud storage to upload the Dell backup and restore anytime from anywhere using internet. If you are looking to buy a premium version first call to Dell laptop technical support and get the backup.

Protect Your Data from Virus Attack

Keeping the backup of your laptop through Dell backup and recovery helps to protect your important data from virus attack and cyber threats. If your system is infected by virus attack, or it crash due to malware outbreak or hardware failure, then this backup and recovery service will help you to recover your personal data, system settings and applications in last updated form.

OS/software Corruption & Data Protection

Dell backup and recovery application helps to protect system software and operating system from major crash and failure. If you keep the backup you can restore these applications and run again with the help of Dell customer support technicians. And if you buy the premium version you will get privilege of scheduling your data backups continuously. Continues data protection allows you to protect your document with real time backup of last saved files while in use.

How to Protect your Data?

To use Dell backup and recovery application you have follow three steeps. First what you want to keep backup, in which you can choose your entire system or few selected files. Second where to keep backup, which is location to keep backup, in your primary hard drive or external USB or hard disk or on cloud storage. Last step is when to keep backup, means either you can schedule or choose continuous data protection feature that is available only in premium version.