How to Fix Dell Laptop Booting Issue in Windows 10?

Dell laptop upgraded to windows 10 facing booting problem needs effective troubleshooting process that are discussed below. If your Dell laptop is not booting after upgrading to windows 10, then don’t worry, it can be fixed with the help of technicians who follow best techniques and right solution as per the system configuration and availability of the end-users. Right now you can try the steps given below to get right solution without help of any computer expert.

Verification of Initial Power-up in Your Dell PC

When your computer not attempt to hand off control to the operating system, such issues can occur. Powering the computer on and you will see the Dell logo on your screen with a bar at the bottom side, if that bar stops up and goes it means your computer has completed POST successfully. For any issue call Dell laptop tech support.


Unplugging of All External Devices   

Sometimes few hardware components are interfering at the time of booting windows 10. You need to unplug all the devices from your computer including printer, scanner, media devices, USB connected devices, CDs and DVDs from all the optical drivers. You just need to connected essential external devices like monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Reset Windows 10 OS on your Dell PC

Files damaged in your system will also show booting problem in windows 10 Dell PC. If despite many efforts your system failed to boot then you can boot into windows recovery mode. And to fix booting problem you have best option of resetting windows 10 on your Dell PC. To rest you need help of an expert then calling at Dell laptop technical support number is the best option to organize this process successfully on your system.


Troubleshooting Virus and Malware Issues

If your Dell PC is under virus attack or infected with malware files, you may face booting problem on your Dell PC. Install effective antivirus software for scanning virus and malware with quick removing service to protect system from any damage. Dealing with critical levels of virus and malware files, you need to scan each drive with complete safety. Otherwise online support for Dell laptop troubleshooting is also open 24-hour.

Restore Windows 10 to Factory Settings

The last resort would be taking you at the right place and restore the system entirely with new settings and layout. Restoring the windows 10 to factory setting could be the last process you can follow to get rid of from windows 10 booting problem. Before you restore your Dell PC to factory setting keep a backup and get Dell laptop support to fix any type of unexpected issue.