Keyboard key
How to fix a Keyboard key in Dell Laptop?

Dell laptops are widely used laptops in all over world and are widely known for their advance technology and user friendly features. These laptops are well known for their latest technology in both hardware and software configurations. Its user friendly design and latest model enable you to stay ahead with your computing tasks. In addition to that its latest features, versatility, looks, and top quality and prices keeps dell laptops at top.

If you are using a dell laptop and troubling hardly with issues of lose key, you must call a technician to repair such type of technical issues. You can repair this technical issue yourself just by following few important steps given below:-

Turn of Dell Laptop-

Initially, you have to switch off your laptop. Next step is that you have to unplug it from power supply. Repairing a laptop keyword is not a complex job but you should keep few precautions in the mind before you need to repair a laptop keyword. If you face hardly any technical issue with this step, you can get dell laptop tech support immediately.

Remove the key cap-

Normally lose keys come out simply with just few wiggling to unhook them from retaining clip. In such type of case, it does not come simply, you can take out the key cap with the assistance of a flat head screwdriver.

Keyboard key

Check the attachments points on Key:-

You need to keep in the mind there may be up to four attachment points in the base of key cap. You should observe carefully for any sign of a broken attachment. If you cannot figure out, you should remove a functional key from keyboard with assistance of a screwdriver and you should also compare the attachment plugs on the keys. If you are not able to identify such type of issues, you should call at dell laptop support phone number 1-877-217-7933 instantly.

Replace a cracked key cap:-

In the issue the attachment point is broken hardly, you should replace the broken with a new key. You can select to replace the broken key with another key from the keyboard that you infrequently use.

Fix the metal bar on vast keys

Big keys such as shift key are detained by a metal bar. If the bar is not flat completely, you have to reattach it to small plastic hooks on keyword. The bar must go along lower corner of the keys as short arms of bar running up the right and left sides of hooks. The bar is attached once again, you need to put the key cap over it and check it carefully.