How to Disable the Lock Screen in Your Windows 10 Dell PC?

Enabling lock screen on your computer to protect your privacy and data safety is good habit, but sometimes unlocking the screen very often becomes irritating for you and your near and dear one who also use to access your Dell laptop for web surfing or for performing other tasks.

Anyway, if you think your PC don’t have any important data and you can keep it free from any kind of authorization or password request you can disable it. Windows 10 based Dell PC users want to disable the lock screen password need to follow the steps given below. A step-by-step process is explained with right procedure to disable lock screen on windows 10 Dell computers.


Step1: Use windows run to open register editor through shortcut. Press windows key + R and type “regedit” into the prompt and press enter key. Click on yes tab if you see a warning message from user account control.

Step2: Now after entering into registry editor navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then open Software, Policies, Microsoft and then click on Windows. This process seems little longer but a careful procedure will allow you to disable or enable the lock screen.

Step3: After reaching windows right click create a new registry key called personalization. If there is no registry key, then create a key by clicking right on the black pane and select the key from the menu and then click to rename the key to “Personalization.”

Step4: Now go through the Personalization key, from where you will get chance to create registry key. If you need help to create new registry key, you can take help from Dell laptop technical support or can all to windows 10 tech support team members.

Step5: Now right click inside the right pane and select new then DWORD (32-bit) value that will create a new registry key to enable or disable the lock screen on your windows 10 Dell computer. Though, there is QWORD (64-bit) Value also but choose the right one.

Step6: After selecting the DWORD (32-bit), now name the new value “NoLockScreen” (without quotes” and then set NoLockScreen to 1 by double click on its name to rename, and enter value “1” in the value data field and then press ok. It will disable the lock screen on your Dell PC.

Step7: After finishing restart your PC and check that your PC will not ask any lock screen password. However, if you want to re-activate this password, you need to repeat the same process and put the value “0” instead of “1” in the value data.

And despite all these efforts if you face any problem you can call to Dell technical support number, and ask online help from any tech support service provider to solve your problem.