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How to Resolve Technical Glitches of Dell PC?

Dell computers give wide choices for users to get the best device that can fit into their pocket and can perform crucial task in simple way. Desktop PC, Laptop, Netbook and Tablets there are unlimited range for different customers to meet their customize needs.

Latest technology and quality components make Dell the first choice among business as well as household individuals. Technical glitches never become friend of electronic equipment instead it is a snag that not affects functionality of device but also becomes cause of other losses. But such issues can be easily solved with help of Dell technical support.

Troubleshooting the Errors:-

When a Dell computer halts unexpectedly, it means the internal programs affected due to unanticipated errors which should be diagnosed manually. Every Dell computer, including PC, laptops and netbook have a self-troubleshooting program that can find the actual problem with best possible solution to restore the Dell for best performance.

Use Antivirus for Virus Scan:-

Computer devices are highly prone to virus outbreaks, that can enter through web services or data transfer via external connectivity. If a Dell computer has not been given such protection, then malware could be the most probable cause of technical errors. Dell computer support technicians always recommend antivirus software for safe use.


Update OS and Utility Software:-                       

Sometimes compatibility of software creates issues while using Dell computers and laptops. But developers keep working on OS and software applications to fix the existing bugs and make such applications more efficient. Updating the OS and other utility software fix such errors and to help laptop users Dell laptop support works 24-hour.

Online Support, a Last Resort:-

When a Dell device not restored, it means there is some critical issue that should be fixed by technical experts only. In such needs calling at Dell technical support number should be the first priority instead using own mind to troubleshoot the problem. Technicians can easily detect the root cause of the problem and use advance tools to fix the error safely.

Troubleshooting Dell technical issues mainly depends the kind of error, a normal connectivity error due to lack of internet connection can be solved by any user. But dealing with complex issues only experts can overcome such situations, to avoid major crashes. Never go with unreliable sources, always call to professionals for best results.

How to Resolve Error Code 0142 in Dell Laptop?

Remember, if you see carefully an error code 0142 in your laptop, it actually means that the hard drive of your laptop has been failed.  It shows that its hard drive crashed, stop working properly or unable to detect all storage, if HHD is not responding properly as it acts no saved data into your laptop. It should be repaired with help of diagnostic tools or another best way to solve this complex issue just by taking Dell laptop tech support help. Even though, you don’t want to get online dell laptop tech support services, you should try the steps given below:-

Install Windows Disk on Your Laptop:-

When Error code 0142 appears into your pc, you need to install the windows XP, or Vista or 7, any one of them and try to boot your laptop with that. If you want to boot these windows CD or DVD, BIOS settings must be configured appropriately. Whenever you try to insert windows into pc, you need to start the process of restart the system through these windows that will help you to recover your hard drive data.

Now, you need to select any option, which is very essential to start the laptop directly through CD/DVD drive. When your system screen shows welcome to set up, you need to press ‘R’ Button to start the recovery console. When you get various options like multiple-boot or dual-boot system, you need to click on installation option that you want to access easily from recovery console. And then type the password of administrator and use command properly. If required any kind of technical help, then connect with online dell technical support services available for 24X 7.



Start Window in Safe Mode:-

When your laptop is unable to start in that mode, you need to start in the safe mode and restart your system carefully to put separately in XP or Vista to scan the system properly. Additionally, you can also use scan, repair and press the enter option to finish the process of scanning carefully and it makes you enable to restart the system. If you are getting so many technical issues, you can get the advice or professional assistance from online dell tech support to solve all multiple types of errors that are affecting your dell laptop.


Online Help from Dell Tech Professionals:-

Just by applying all these steps, still you are not able to understand the actual problem or face any type of critical situation; you should go directly to get the help from certified technicians. You can get online dell tech support services affordably that can solve your questions perfectly. Certified technicians guide you step by step to detect Error Code 0142 in Dell Laptop completely.

How to Disable the Lock Screen in Your Windows 10 Dell PC?

Enabling lock screen on your computer to protect your privacy and data safety is good habit, but sometimes unlocking the screen very often becomes irritating for you and your near and dear one who also use to access your Dell laptop for web surfing or for performing other tasks.

Anyway, if you think your PC don’t have any important data and you can keep it free from any kind of authorization or password request you can disable it. Windows 10 based Dell PC users want to disable the lock screen password need to follow the steps given below. A step-by-step process is explained with right procedure to disable lock screen on windows 10 Dell computers.


Step1: Use windows run to open register editor through shortcut. Press windows key + R and type “regedit” into the prompt and press enter key. Click on yes tab if you see a warning message from user account control.

Step2: Now after entering into registry editor navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then open Software, Policies, Microsoft and then click on Windows. This process seems little longer but a careful procedure will allow you to disable or enable the lock screen.

Step3: After reaching windows right click create a new registry key called personalization. If there is no registry key, then create a key by clicking right on the black pane and select the key from the menu and then click to rename the key to “Personalization.”

Step4: Now go through the Personalization key, from where you will get chance to create registry key. If you need help to create new registry key, you can take help from Dell laptop technical support or can all to windows 10 tech support team members.

Step5: Now right click inside the right pane and select new then DWORD (32-bit) value that will create a new registry key to enable or disable the lock screen on your windows 10 Dell computer. Though, there is QWORD (64-bit) Value also but choose the right one.

Step6: After selecting the DWORD (32-bit), now name the new value “NoLockScreen” (without quotes” and then set NoLockScreen to 1 by double click on its name to rename, and enter value “1” in the value data field and then press ok. It will disable the lock screen on your Dell PC.

Step7: After finishing restart your PC and check that your PC will not ask any lock screen password. However, if you want to re-activate this password, you need to repeat the same process and put the value “0” instead of “1” in the value data.

And despite all these efforts if you face any problem you can call to Dell technical support number, and ask online help from any tech support service provider to solve your problem.

How to Choose a Dell PC for Gaming
How to Choose a Dell PC for Gaming?

Computers are a complete media and entertainment device come with interactive features to run high definition games with extraordinary experience for users. Dell computers meant especially for computing also gives wide options to use it for gaming purpose.

There are few things which should be taken into account while buying a gaming PC. The right mix of hardware components and software configuration can only give you the true gaming experience without getting affected by speed or performance issues.

Desktop PC or Laptop

Dell makes desktop as well as laptop series of computers for individuals and business class customers. Desktop works better due to a separated and convenient keyboard while laptop can be enjoyable if you have wireless gaming console to control the motions on computer screen. Though, with the help of Dell computer support you can configure settings to enjoy different types of games on your Dell laptop or portable netbook.

Monitor and Screen Size

For gamming purpose a smaller screen monitor would be not enjoying at all. Choose a high contrast ratio monitor to view the animations from wide angles. To enjoy high definition games, having a HD display provides a realistic gaming experience. Laptops comes usually between 13 to 15.6 inches screen size but Dell desktop monitors comes with extra-large size that gives better viewing experience from gaming perspective.

choose laptop Game

Processor and RAM Capacity

High speed processor is very important to run complex games smoothly, and Dell offers multicore processer that gives extraordinary performance for running multifaceted games. Go for the laptop that comes with latest Intel Core processor for better performance. RAM also matters while choosing a computer for gamming. However, if you face speed related any issues get Dell technical support to check the problem.  

Sound Card and Speakers

Without a sound card you will not able to listen game audio clearly, and that’s very important to get the true experience while playing various actions in game. You can buy additional 5.1 channel surround sound card for your Dell computer. And at the speaker end, Dell desktop computers come with normal size speakers but you can get higher-end model of speakers with 2.1 or 5.1 channel speakers that will give you true surround sound and better audio quality.

Use of Dell Backup and Recovery
What is the Use of Dell Backup and Recovery?

When you buy a Dell laptop, it means you got a system that has software programs and settings to run the computing task and other activities. Hardware and software all runs smoothly but unexpected errors of system crash can damage software, corrupt files and destroy your data. And there are many things which cannot recover even with the help of Dell technical support service by dial 1-877-217-7933.

In order to avoid such conditions, you can create a backup using “Dell Backup and Recovery” application in your laptop and restore operating system and important software. Below check what you can do using Dell Backup and Recovery service, and how you can recover data.

What is the Use of Dell Backup and Recovery

Available in Basic and Premium Versions

The Dell backup and recovery applications are available in two versions one free basic version and another premium paid version. The premium version allows getting free cloud storage to upload the Dell backup and restore anytime from anywhere using internet. If you are looking to buy a premium version first call to Dell laptop technical support and get the backup.

Protect Your Data from Virus Attack

Keeping the backup of your laptop through Dell backup and recovery helps to protect your important data from virus attack and cyber threats. If your system is infected by virus attack, or it crash due to malware outbreak or hardware failure, then this backup and recovery service will help you to recover your personal data, system settings and applications in last updated form.

OS/software Corruption & Data Protection

Dell backup and recovery application helps to protect system software and operating system from major crash and failure. If you keep the backup you can restore these applications and run again with the help of Dell customer support technicians. And if you buy the premium version you will get privilege of scheduling your data backups continuously. Continues data protection allows you to protect your document with real time backup of last saved files while in use.

How to Protect your Data?

To use Dell backup and recovery application you have follow three steeps. First what you want to keep backup, in which you can choose your entire system or few selected files. Second where to keep backup, which is location to keep backup, in your primary hard drive or external USB or hard disk or on cloud storage. Last step is when to keep backup, means either you can schedule or choose continuous data protection feature that is available only in premium version.

avoid tech support scams
Infographics : How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

Nowadays, tech support is on rise and has become the most popular service among the computer users. But just like everything, it also has a downside.

Tips to prevent scams from : Support for Dell

  1. Don’t trust any random call, it could be fake
  2. Always double check before giving remote access
  3. Always do a little back-ground search
  4. Never share your password details with anyone
  5. Apart from that the computer user can also file a complaint against the scam company

Just dial our toll-free number 1-877-217-7933 to connect with technical support expert for Dell support.

Dell Infographics

Video of Dell Technical Support
Video of Dell Technical Support Phone Number : How it Works?

Watch Latest Video of Dell Technical Support Phone Number 1-877-217-7933 That How Dell Tech Support Team Works.

If you need tech help for Dell products or you are facing any technical issue with your Dell PC, Computer, Laptop, Printer, Scanner and Tablet. Subscribe and Watch Dell technical support latest video to know that how tech support expert works for your query. If you are unable to fix your Dell products issues, Just dial mention toll-free number 1-800-4886-814 of Dell Customer Support team to connect with techies. Our Tech Support experts are always ready to help you.

For further information Dial USA/Canada Toll Free Number 1-877-217-7933 and get online tech support help for your query or visit official website :

Video :

support for dell
How to choose best technical support for Dell products?

The multinational conglomerate Dell manufactured series of devices including mobile, Tablet, computer, printer, and scanner. The organization is operational since long and known for the best customer experience. Users can get help from Dell blogs and Dell customer support number 1-877-217-7933. But in case you need immediate help on hardware and software issues, you may get into the trouble? Just assume you purchased a new Laptop and it knocked down within a week with unknown error. What will you do? Without doubt, you will call Dell support but you ended with answering multiple queries about system information and purchase details.

That time you looked for a dedicated technician who won’t hang up your call till issue is completely resolved. However, if you have a time you must chose Dell’s authorized service center instead of getting trapped with an amateur tech guy. But you should have a direct number so you can continue un-interrupted work. There might be plenty of issues that may arise; few of them are given below:

  • System freezing
  • System failure
  • Black/ blue screen
  • Virus attack
  • Hard drive failure
  • Wired pop-ups
  • Low memory messages
  • Slow computer

Along with it the inappropriate installation of the window, driver’s error, connectivity problems, application start up issue hampers time and cost. Often we got stuck into the commonest problem, such as downloading error, laptop display configuration, and many more which can be resolved easily with a help of the technician.

 Select remote assistance help

A normal technician either helps you over the phone or visit to your home for technical assistance. But it may ruin your entire day, so it’s better to take remote assistance for the technical error. Many tech support firm provide this facility where a technician remotely helps you on many issue on your devices, you can see the progress in your devices as well. In this method, chances are very less for online frauds.

While selecting the tech support firms enquire about its services, credibility, and how long they are serving the users. Make sure you clarify the payment plans and term to usage. Firstly, ask about error and possible solution, and buy a payment plan so in future you can directly call for the help.

Dell technical support is also available in for more info dial 1-877-217-7933 and say Hello to technician.

Dell Chromebook 11
Dell Chromebook 11 – A Perfect Combination of Portability and Performance

Dell laptops always remain in news because of innovations and technologically edge computing device. Recently company has introduced Dell Chromebook 11 that can be best option for the people looking a portable laptop packed with topnotch features to meet the daily demand of computing ether for personal use or for office documentation. Enhanced with Intel’s Core i3 processor, this notebook runs at faster speed with uninterrupted performance even opening multiple tabs at the same time.

Though, besides Dell, there are many sizes of laptops available in the market but portability and technical specifications are very important for users to enjoy a handy device with latest features. Hence, while considering such needs of the end-users, Dell has introduced Dell Chromebook 11, that can be a perfect choice of all categories of users, including college guys, young office executives and business class officials. Let see below what are the other features making it a most desirable notebook in 2015.

Design and Display

The design of Chromebook 11 is truly interesting that gives a glossy look with metal finish. It is designed with sleek and straight body with stylish surface that’s makes it one of the most desirable portable laptop. However, on the display end, users have to be satisfied with only 11 inches display that’s gives best fit screen size with 1366×768 resolutions for a better picture quality from wide angles. Customers facing issues can call to Dell laptop support for online assistance for Dell Chromebook.

High Performance Processor

Chromebook 11 is armed with Intel Core i3-4005U processor which gives strong performance even you open more than one dozen tabs, unlimited music streaming and HD video plying without any interruption. The processer gives an extra room to run various heavy applications that sometimes lag due to low processing speed. However, in case of processer related any issue Dell laptop help is available online that solve customer’s various issues affecting the speed and performance.

Great Battery Life for Extra Power Backup

With the benefit of portability of using laptops, power backup is an important factor to enjoy its usability. The power backup of Dell Chromebook 11 is more than 10 hours on a steady use. At one-time full charge you can enjoy Dell Chromebook for running various types of applications or browsing internet without connecting to power cord.  However, after certain period of use if you face power backup problem you can go at nearest Dell laptop repair authorized center of Dell and replace the battery with new one.