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Keyboard key
How to fix a Keyboard key in Dell Laptop?

Dell laptops are widely used laptops in all over world and are widely known for their advance technology and user friendly features. These laptops are well known for their latest technology in both hardware and software configurations. Its user friendly design and latest model enable you to stay ahead with your computing tasks. In addition to that its latest features, versatility, looks, and top quality and prices keeps dell laptops at top.

If you are using a dell laptop and troubling hardly with issues of lose key, you must call a technician to repair such type of technical issues. You can repair this technical issue yourself just by following few important steps given below:-

Turn of Dell Laptop-

Initially, you have to switch off your laptop. Next step is that you have to unplug it from power supply. Repairing a laptop keyword is not a complex job but you should keep few precautions in the mind before you need to repair a laptop keyword. If you face hardly any technical issue with this step, you can get dell laptop tech support immediately.

Remove the key cap-

Normally lose keys come out simply with just few wiggling to unhook them from retaining clip. In such type of case, it does not come simply, you can take out the key cap with the assistance of a flat head screwdriver.

Keyboard key

Check the attachments points on Key:-

You need to keep in the mind there may be up to four attachment points in the base of key cap. You should observe carefully for any sign of a broken attachment. If you cannot figure out, you should remove a functional key from keyboard with assistance of a screwdriver and you should also compare the attachment plugs on the keys. If you are not able to identify such type of issues, you should call at dell laptop support phone number 1-877-217-7933 instantly.

Replace a cracked key cap:-

In the issue the attachment point is broken hardly, you should replace the broken with a new key. You can select to replace the broken key with another key from the keyboard that you infrequently use.

Fix the metal bar on vast keys

Big keys such as shift key are detained by a metal bar. If the bar is not flat completely, you have to reattach it to small plastic hooks on keyword. The bar must go along lower corner of the keys as short arms of bar running up the right and left sides of hooks. The bar is attached once again, you need to put the key cap over it and check it carefully.

How to Resolve Technical Glitches of Dell PC?

Dell computers give wide choices for users to get the best device that can fit into their pocket and can perform crucial task in simple way. Desktop PC, Laptop, Netbook and Tablets there are unlimited range for different customers to meet their customize needs.

Latest technology and quality components make Dell the first choice among business as well as household individuals. Technical glitches never become friend of electronic equipment instead it is a snag that not affects functionality of device but also becomes cause of other losses. But such issues can be easily solved with help of Dell technical support.

Troubleshooting the Errors:-

When a Dell computer halts unexpectedly, it means the internal programs affected due to unanticipated errors which should be diagnosed manually. Every Dell computer, including PC, laptops and netbook have a self-troubleshooting program that can find the actual problem with best possible solution to restore the Dell for best performance.

Use Antivirus for Virus Scan:-

Computer devices are highly prone to virus outbreaks, that can enter through web services or data transfer via external connectivity. If a Dell computer has not been given such protection, then malware could be the most probable cause of technical errors. Dell computer support technicians always recommend antivirus software for safe use.


Update OS and Utility Software:-                       

Sometimes compatibility of software creates issues while using Dell computers and laptops. But developers keep working on OS and software applications to fix the existing bugs and make such applications more efficient. Updating the OS and other utility software fix such errors and to help laptop users Dell laptop support works 24-hour.

Online Support, a Last Resort:-

When a Dell device not restored, it means there is some critical issue that should be fixed by technical experts only. In such needs calling at Dell technical support number should be the first priority instead using own mind to troubleshoot the problem. Technicians can easily detect the root cause of the problem and use advance tools to fix the error safely.

Troubleshooting Dell technical issues mainly depends the kind of error, a normal connectivity error due to lack of internet connection can be solved by any user. But dealing with complex issues only experts can overcome such situations, to avoid major crashes. Never go with unreliable sources, always call to professionals for best results.

How to Resolve Error Code 0142 in Dell Laptop?

Remember, if you see carefully an error code 0142 in your laptop, it actually means that the hard drive of your laptop has been failed.  It shows that its hard drive crashed, stop working properly or unable to detect all storage, if HHD is not responding properly as it acts no saved data into your laptop. It should be repaired with help of diagnostic tools or another best way to solve this complex issue just by taking Dell laptop tech support help. Even though, you don’t want to get online dell laptop tech support services, you should try the steps given below:-

Install Windows Disk on Your Laptop:-

When Error code 0142 appears into your pc, you need to install the windows XP, or Vista or 7, any one of them and try to boot your laptop with that. If you want to boot these windows CD or DVD, BIOS settings must be configured appropriately. Whenever you try to insert windows into pc, you need to start the process of restart the system through these windows that will help you to recover your hard drive data.

Now, you need to select any option, which is very essential to start the laptop directly through CD/DVD drive. When your system screen shows welcome to set up, you need to press ‘R’ Button to start the recovery console. When you get various options like multiple-boot or dual-boot system, you need to click on installation option that you want to access easily from recovery console. And then type the password of administrator and use command properly. If required any kind of technical help, then connect with online dell technical support services available for 24X 7.



Start Window in Safe Mode:-

When your laptop is unable to start in that mode, you need to start in the safe mode and restart your system carefully to put separately in XP or Vista to scan the system properly. Additionally, you can also use scan, repair and press the enter option to finish the process of scanning carefully and it makes you enable to restart the system. If you are getting so many technical issues, you can get the advice or professional assistance from online dell tech support to solve all multiple types of errors that are affecting your dell laptop.


Online Help from Dell Tech Professionals:-

Just by applying all these steps, still you are not able to understand the actual problem or face any type of critical situation; you should go directly to get the help from certified technicians. You can get online dell tech support services affordably that can solve your questions perfectly. Certified technicians guide you step by step to detect Error Code 0142 in Dell Laptop completely.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Booting Issue in Windows 10?

Dell laptop upgraded to windows 10 facing booting problem needs effective troubleshooting process that are discussed below. If your Dell laptop is not booting after upgrading to windows 10, then don’t worry, it can be fixed with the help of technicians who follow best techniques and right solution as per the system configuration and availability of the end-users. Right now you can try the steps given below to get right solution without help of any computer expert.

Verification of Initial Power-up in Your Dell PC

When your computer not attempt to hand off control to the operating system, such issues can occur. Powering the computer on and you will see the Dell logo on your screen with a bar at the bottom side, if that bar stops up and goes it means your computer has completed POST successfully. For any issue call Dell laptop tech support.


Unplugging of All External Devices   

Sometimes few hardware components are interfering at the time of booting windows 10. You need to unplug all the devices from your computer including printer, scanner, media devices, USB connected devices, CDs and DVDs from all the optical drivers. You just need to connected essential external devices like monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Reset Windows 10 OS on your Dell PC

Files damaged in your system will also show booting problem in windows 10 Dell PC. If despite many efforts your system failed to boot then you can boot into windows recovery mode. And to fix booting problem you have best option of resetting windows 10 on your Dell PC. To rest you need help of an expert then calling at Dell laptop technical support number is the best option to organize this process successfully on your system.


Troubleshooting Virus and Malware Issues

If your Dell PC is under virus attack or infected with malware files, you may face booting problem on your Dell PC. Install effective antivirus software for scanning virus and malware with quick removing service to protect system from any damage. Dealing with critical levels of virus and malware files, you need to scan each drive with complete safety. Otherwise online support for Dell laptop troubleshooting is also open 24-hour.

Restore Windows 10 to Factory Settings

The last resort would be taking you at the right place and restore the system entirely with new settings and layout. Restoring the windows 10 to factory setting could be the last process you can follow to get rid of from windows 10 booting problem. Before you restore your Dell PC to factory setting keep a backup and get Dell laptop support to fix any type of unexpected issue.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Issue on Windows 10 Dell Laptop?

Your Dell laptop showing Wi-Fi connection issue, need a right troubleshooting process to enjoy uninterrupted wireless connectivity. Usually after upgrading to windows 10 such issues are prominent among the users. Dell laptops recently upgraded operating system to windows 10 facing Wi-Fi connection issue will get right solution discussed below here.

How to Resolve Connections Issues?

Start with checking the updated BIOS status, check the version and download the latest on to update the same. And also check wireless or Wi-Fi adapter version to update the same with latest one that will solve your wireless connection issues. Also check other drivers related with network and wireless services, if any update needed, run the same right now.

Turn Off and disconnect all the Devices on Network

After updating all drivers related with wireless network and connection, turn off all your connected devices including your laptop, wireless router, modem and other connected devices. Now disconnect all the cables and USB connection between these devices and reconnect them properly through right ports and connection points. Dell laptop technical support is also available to solve such issues remotely without reaching at user’s destination.


Configure Wi-Fi Adapter Setting for Best Performance

Now you need to configure your Dell laptop’s wireless adapter settings for optimal performance of network connection. Go to device manager and open network adapters, and then visit at Intel PRO wireless with advance tab. For configuring wireless adapter setting you should take help from experts providing online help. Support for Dell laptop drivers and adapter configuration is available round-the-clock with back-to-back online solution for multiple issues.

Download Latest Update on Windows 10

May be after upgrading to windows 10, new update came, that should be downloaded to avoid such issues. Check for latest update under windows 10 update section and download the latest version. Make sure you have uninterrupted internet connection to download such updates, and when your system is updated, restart and enjoy uninterested wireless connection. And for Dell laptop troubleshooting you can take help of tech professionals working nonstop online.

Things to Do After Upgrading Dell Laptop to Windows 10

Upgrading your Dell Laptop to windows 10 would be not enjoying until and unless you reset various settings and download few updates. Actually, there are few things which should be updated and configured to adjust setting as per the windows 10 user-interface. Below you can find what are the top things and how to updates various settings after upgrading to windows 10.


Fully Updates Windows 10

Even after upgrading your Dell laptop to windows 10, you need to update it, as may be you have downloaded the older version of windows 10 and after that many updates would have been released by Microsoft. To use windows 10 efficiently and free from bugs, update it. Dell customer support is available to help users for update issues, and you can also get online solution for any other issue affecting the windows performance.

Install All Essential Drivers

After upgrading to windows 10, may be many drivers would be missing from your Dell PC. Drivers are necessary to control a particular action of hardware parts. Printer, audio, video, wireless and touch pad etc. drivers are basic requirements that should be installed in your PC. Before updating all these drivers you need to check your system. Support for Dell laptop drivers issue is available online for end-users.


Enable the Privacy Settings of Windows 10

After upgrading to windows 10, you must check and enable the privacy settings of windows which might be changed due to upgrading to higher version. Enable the privacy settings that that helps your PC from virus threats and other cyber risks. Though, window 10 comes with window defender that provides a complete security to your PC with better level of protection. If you need help to enable privacy settings you can to Dell laptop technical support and get online assistance by best computer technicians.

Update To Windows 10 in Dell Laptop
How to Update To Windows 10 in Dell Laptop?

Dell users running their laptop in windows 8.1 operating system are getting a great opportunity to upgrade their OS to windows 10 freely without any charges. Actually, up to 29th July 2016 Microsoft is offering free upgrade to windows 10 and afterwards it will be chargeable. You should also do it now and enjoy newfangled windows platform. If you don’t know how to do it, we will tell you how to update to windows 10 in dell laptop with safety.

How to Update To Windows 10 in Dell Laptop

Inspect System Requirement and Eligibility 

Before your download and run upgrading process, check the hardware configuration of your Dell laptop so that it can support minimum requirement of windows 10 features. To install windows 10 in your Dell laptop should have at least 20GB Hard disk space, 2GB RAM, 1GHz processer, and an uninterrupted internet speed to completely download all the update and install them into system for successful run without any issue.

Download Complete Setup of Windows 10 in your PC

Never install such significant and large size updates directly from the server, instead first download the whole setup into your system and then execute the file for installation. Dell laptop technical support recommends that direct installation of update is risky, as if your internet connection breaks, or due to power supply failure laptop battery down, or system crash etc. that cause serious damages like data loss, window crash or other risks. Hence, always download the entire setup in your system and then install for complete effect.

What to Do After Upgrading your Del PC?

When your downloading and installation completed you have to check few things and customize them as per your requirements. Install latest drivers and adjust settings like power display, battery saver, default browser, antivirus and other software etc. And it’s better to take help for dell laptop drivers to update all the necessary software as per the compatibility and availability. You can also change other settings as per needs.

dell laptop support phone number

You can also Return Back to your Previous Versions of OS

If you don’t like the user-interface of windows 10, you can switch back to your previous version to windows 8 or 8.1. But it is possible if you have not cleanup your Dell laptop or restored factory settings etc. And as per the current offers you can return back to within the 31 days of download. And if you face problem while downloading windows 10 or while using it in your PC, then call to Dell laptop support phone number 1-877-217-7933 for help.

Things to Consider before Updating Dell Laptop to Windows 10
Things to Consider before Updating Dell Laptop to Windows 10

Microsoft windows PC users always get technologically advanced operating system that is upgraded with new features. Windows 10 is currently in news, impressing users with various interactive features. If you are windows lover, then why waiting, upgrade your Dell laptop with new windows 10 and enjoy exceptional level of computing.

Hold on, before you start the update process there are few things that you need to consider before updating your Dell laptop. Below all these important things are discussed that will make your update process successful without any issues with complete safety.

How to update Dell Laptop to Windows 10

Is your Dell Laptop is Eligible for update?

Online limited windows 8.1 and 7 SP1 users are eligible to get windows 10. Hence, check your PC whether it is entitled to upgrade or not. Currently up to 29th July, Microsoft is offering free update to all windows 8.1 users and will charge $119 to upgrade to Windows Home and $199 to upgrade to Windows Pro by Dell laptop tech support.

Check System Hardware Specification

Windows 10 requires minimum requirement to support the features and run smoothly. Your Dell laptop should be equipped with Processor of at least 1GHz, 2GB RAM with 64-bit system, Hard Disk with space of 20GB, Graphic card DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver and resolution of 1024×600 pixels for better view and best performance.

Keep a Copy of Full Backup of Entire System

Before pressing on upgrade you should understand that software can fail any time or there could be unexpected error and you can lose your important files. To avoid such risk, it’s better to keep a copy of backup of entire system including all hard drives. Dell laptop support also offers nonstop online help for keeping Dell data backup.

dell laptop support phone number

Don’t Update Directly, Download Windows 10

This is one of the biggest mistakes Dell users do. Never download such updates directly, as if your internet connection breaks, you can lose data or corrupted. For successful installation, first download the full setup of windows 10 in your system and then update. The downloading process takes time depending on your internet speed and system’s performance. However, if you face any kind of issue you can call to Dell laptop help number 1-877-217-7933 for online assistance by technician and do this process professionally.

Windows 10 Update
How to Prepare Your Dell Laptop for Windows 10 Update?

Are you mulling to upgrade your Dell laptop from windows 8.1 to windows 10? Hold on for a while, before you download and start the process. Actually, there few things that should be done before initiating this process. Below we have mentioned the critical steps that should be considered before upgrading windows 10 to avoid any issue.

How to Prepare Your Dell Laptop for Windows 10 Update

System Compatibility and General Issues       

Every Dell laptop is checked for system compatibility to support windows 10 operating system. Check your laptop model is eligible to upgrade, whether existing hardware configuration is enough or not, dell laptop drivers support or not or need to upgraded. And Dell has also identified several issues that may affect while updating.

Free-up Some Space from Hard Disk

Windows 10 needs extra space compare to windows 8 to install into your system. Make sure your hard disk, especially C drive has sufficient space. To make space delete unwanted files like movies, media files, junk files and uninstall unnecessary programs and applications to allow windows 10 to install into your Dell laptop.

Backup Files and Create Recovery Discs

Keep the backup of all documents and files stored into existing operating system. And also create recovery disc of your current version windows, in case you want to reinstall later on in near future. Windows 10 offers 30 days option to roll back to previous version and if you face problem you can take help by Dell laptop tech support.

Update Drivers and BIOS in your Dell PC

Dell should always update the BIOS and drivers for the operating system you are going to use into your system. Actually, when you update driver, it is migrated to new version instead of installing new one. Similarly also update BIOS but check your laptop service tag and find the right driver compatible with your Dell laptop model.

dell laptop support phone number

Update Windows 10 and other Settings

Now you can download and update windows 10 into your Dell laptop. Just follow the recommended steps and you will have new version of operating into your Dell laptop. Once you download, reboot your system and enjoy next generation of computer on your Dell laptop. To download drivers visit at the website of Dell and if you face any kind technical problem you can call to get Dell customer support at your desk.

How to Diagnose Dell Laptop Hardware Problems
How to Diagnose Dell Laptop Hardware Problems?

Hardware and software are the two combinations allow running a computer machine perfectly. You can easily detect the software issue, as most of them show the error at the time of use, but on the other hand, hardware issues cannot be easily detected, especially by common users.

If your Dell laptop is showing any kind of issue and you expect it could be a hardware problem, then how will you detect the component to fix the issues? But you can use Dell’s diagnostic tools that will detect exact status of hardware component not working properly.


Diagnostic Tools via Online

Dell offers an application available online that allows Dell users to personally organize the hardware analysis of your laptop. Another popular online tool of Dell is Dell PC Health Check that gets internet connection access to analyze the hardware status of your computer. To run this application you can also get Dell laptop tech support.

Offline Tools for Diagnosing Hardware Issue

If you don’t have internet access or you want to detect the hardware problem offline, then Dell PC Checkup and Dell Pre-Boot System Assessment are the two applications come preinstalled into the computer system and help to detect the hardware issue in your Dell laptop. You can run these applications one-by-one to know the actual fault.

Dell PC Diagnostics and Dell PC Checkup

These two are available into your Dell laptop, you just need to click and run the diagnosis button and a self-diagnostic process will be started that takes around 15-20 minutes to check the health of your computer. While, to run Dell PC Checkup you have to open Dell support center application and support center and then PC checkup.


When you try all these online and offline tools to detect the hardware problem in your Dell laptop you should be very careful like keeping backups of your computer data. And if you not able to detect the problem then take help of Dell laptop technical support to troubleshoot the hardware problem professionally to avoid system crashes.